As one goes on in life, one may begin to realize why one should identify what matters more in one’s life and make sure to save enough energy for such. We become encumbered in our daily activities from the amount of knowledge we tend to accrue together, the passion we put into our careers and businesses, and various things we do to feel becoming important in life, until we get to realize that there is no stopping point for we always see a reason to upgrade to a next level that never cease from coming up. And we come to the realization that they do not accumulate to true happiness and fulfillment in life when this major base-point of joy is overlooked.
Fortunately, life itself never fail to teach us that which matters most in life and the color it paints is the vivid reality of what life’s true feeling of accomplishment winds around – THE CONNECTION OF RELATIONSHIP THAT WE CREATE, IMPROVE AND TRANSFORM, THE CIRCLES OF PEOPLE THAT WE ARE ABLE TO REACH AND THE AMOUNT OF LOVE WE ARE ABLE TO FEEL AND GIVE TO OTHERS.
I have realized, not only from my study of people and what deeply lies behind every predicament they tend to suffer from, but also from a close walk with God, that the greatest achievement we could ever have is the feeding of much love into every relationship we may have created – now I mean from a free mind. Basically, one gets to know that all what God wants to say by drawing us nearer is to show us how much HE loved us and then sends us out to love people around us alike, it now depends on how we define that; our family, friends, course mates ,co-believers, outsiders-in-faith, to meaning our country, or the world at large.
Becoming conscious of the fact that the deep sense of love we feel from these connections goes a long way to serve as a soothing balm to every of such predicament we may have incurred in any of our aspects of our life, making it a pivotal point to our existence – and indeed it is. The realization of this should not just be mere revelation or knowledge gaining, but that the greatest fulfillment is the joy we feel from the bond of friendship we shared with the people in our lives. And then making sure we give enough focus to it, sharing much love because this occupies our boundless means of touching more lives in our generation.
So, let every broken ties be rejoined, every defective friendship be renewed, every grudge be let go, every distance be bridged, every unreached lives be touched and every hatred be converted into a pure shower of love as we fulfill the central desire of our dear Creator and also give our ambition, career, business and pursuit a rejuvenated and transformed appearance.


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