I’ve had many good intentions in my life; I’ve great goals and targets too. I want to be good, to be someone that makes impact that evokes change in his generation, I’ve always aim high, I have big dreams, and in fact I spend nights and days always working on improving myself and doing one thing or the other towards reaching these goals. But one thing I also strive for is to do the right thing, to be on point always, and this alone has been a great trouble to me lately.

God is really helping me in life, and I have being learning many things from him, he has been the major influence in my life, I depend on him for wisdom for life. But sincerely, I just found out I seem to be burning out, I so much depend on God on helping me transfer all his revelational knowledge to real-life wisdom but why this psychological fatigue I can’t explain. Until I lately learn something more about how not to burn out.

It is good that as children of God, we don’t lose touch with our inner self as well. I understand that keeping contact with our core person, the self aware person that we are, is important to living a god-fulfilling life. There is a core of inspiration that represents the nature of man from which true values originates from.

It doesn’t go well when we give little attention to what we think soothes or touches us so deep in life, or those that hurt us most powerfully, especially when we ignore or suppress them. Suppression comes from many things from exhaustion from a busy life, even a busy activity which can be spiritual atimes, from a personal drive for achievement without a right and correspondent intention born from our core person, or a total lack of self awareness.

If we are not careful, we’ll just continue to go through life without having a sense of deep involvement in it; goals can become a just-for-doing-sake thing. That’s when we fail to see what makes us feel fulfilled, and stop just acting, which invariably takes effect on us sometimes as unpredictable reactions to life situations, such that can be an unexpectedly and overly aggressive overtone or a needless timidity.

We don’t have to start having problems on this issue before we begin searching for what needs to be done, we must give reflective thoughts to who we think we are and what we really want, our goal-pursuing energy that it is born out of a deep conviction from our inner person to do them even when they are what we think God wants us to do, like what living the Godlife is for me.


It is not so right to think we don’t have reason or right to enjoy ourselves, to have joy, and to experience minimal problems sometimes too, though God desires we live joyfully through it all, if so, why will he create everything to be good and excellent?

There must always be this part of us that wants to be genuine, want to be true to what we think inside, living deeply from our heart core. This is the part I’m talking about, the part from which we live from its inside out, that gives our life the beauty of intentional glamour if we are able to allow each of our deeds to emanate from it. This is where we find inspiration for life, where our drive for life lies, it is also where God comes to personally reveal himself to us so that we experience him in his reality (our practical life), the place of attack by the evil ones, the centre where the world culture easily distract us from, the place of our soul, they don’t need to touch our spirit especially when it is alive in us, or our body if only they can reach this one alone.

This centre of who we are also describes our perception of ourselves, it is something we don’t lose consciousness of, until we get in touch with it can we then begin to live intentionally, and as we begin to love ourselves as we are especially when you find this in God, it so make it easy for us to truly accept others for who they are also.

The time we spend to stand back and assess our true person, to appreciate the beauty of what makes us to be us, that makes our lives worth living and drives whatever we are meant to be doing is part of the wholesome package that gives our lives a sense of fulfillment as we chase our life goals and purposes.

I have a life goal, and it is to attain the fullness of Christ in all endeavors of my life, and I understand that checking the integrity of my mind time after time helps me to constantly stay abreast this life God is bursting out of me. Do you have a goal too? Always take time to check if the basis for your life goal is still intact, it might be on the danger level without your knowing it!

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